Why ZTA?


Why did you choose

Zeta Tau Alpha?

          Jenifer Dunavant       

     Major: Business Administration  Year: Junior

I chose ZTA because I felt a tremendous connection to all of the women there. I truly felt like I had found a group of girls that I fit perfectly in with...and I did! they all meant and do mean something so incredibly special to me! I hope to try my hardest to express the love and support I have received in my chapter to those new members we will acquire. Zeta is where I belong and it is where I have found my best friends, and I wouldn't change that for the world! 

Emma Laird

Major: Applied Psychology: Consumer Behavior Year: Senior

I chose ZTA because when I first stepped onto CBU's campus they immediately made me feel like I was home. They were so down to earth and genuine and made me, a scared freshman at the time, feel like I truly belonged. Now a senior, I can look back and see the lifelong friendships I've made and the leadership opportunities I've had and be forever grateful that I joined Zeta. 

Gamma Chi

Major: Business Administration/Marketing Year: Senior

I chose ZTA because I wanted a place to fit in and feel accepted. When I met the Zetas, they were genuine and wholeheartedly cared for me even though I decided not to go through recruitment. I was so thankful for the kindness they showed me through that decision. Eventually I decided to become a Zeta because of the real friendships we held, it only seemed right! Throughout my experience as a ZTA at CBU, I have only known love and acceptance. Each and every girl in the sorority holds a special place in my heart.

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