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Zeta Tau Alpha?

Taylor Schillinger : Senior, English for Corporate Communications Major

During my Freshman year of college I was struggling to make friends at CBU. I had just come from a large high school and was wanting to get more involved than I was before. One of the friends I had made asked me to go through sorority recruitment with her because she was nervous to do it alone, I agreed. Throughout the entire week the Sisters of ZTA made me feel so welcome and at home. I knew come Bid Day I had made the right choice. When I ran home, I ran home to women that I would soon become friends with from that day forward. And now in my Senior year I look back and see that without ZTA I wouldn't have discovered my love of Event Planning as VP1, I would have never have become the leader I always knew was inside but just needed cultivated, and without ZTA I would never have developed the relationships treasure so near to my heart. Zeta is my home and I don't know what I would do without this sisterhood I have. 


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