Letter From Our Recruitment Chair

Hey girl!
I see you’ve stumbled across our website! Could it be because you know you want to go Greek? Or maybe you’re unsure and are looking for a sign if this would be the right move for you. Trust me, I was in your shoes only last school year. I still remember the nerves, the anxiousness, and the uncertain future I was headed for as I signed up for Recruitment Week. But can I give you some reassurance? I have never felt so much love, confidence, and never-ending support than I do right now from all of my sorority sisters. They’ve turned me into the leader I never thought I could be and going Greek has shaped me into an even better student. I encourage you to take that leap and give Recruitment Week a try. See for yourself what we’re really all about, and become a part of something so much bigger. Don’t forget to take a breath and enjoy the ride - you’re about to enter a life changing experience.

With Zeta Love,
Amber Jones
Recruitment Chair 2019


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